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emma martell

emma martell

Massage Therapist

With the warmest heart and hands I will be offering Deep Relaxation Massage at Beyond

I have had a lifelong faith in my hands be it to create, nurture or nourish. For me it all starts
with touch.

For many years now I have been travelling a personal path of holistic health and wellness.
Along the way I have been touched deeply by two practices, Zen Thai Shiatsu and Kahuna
Massage which awoke my true calling into Body work.

Upon receiving my first Zen Thai Shiatsu by a treasured mentor, put in my path to show me
the truest most pure form of loving touch what I experienced was both profound and
powerful. Something I will always be grateful for.

I went on to train under the masterful wings of Gwyn Williams, the creator of ZenThai

I took my practice to the table and found my body work home and passion in Lomi Lomi
Massage. At first glance Lomi Lomi seems to be a Polynesian version of a traditional
European “classical massage”. While the whole person is held unconditionally, muscles and
connective tissue are stretched in length and width. Stiff joints are loosened, circulation
improved and internal organs are gently manipulated into their correct relationship. Long
flowing body flushes gently move body fluid (blood, lymph and interstitial) providing the
ultimate relaxation massage.

Over the last six years I have embraced and immersed myself in hands-on experiences
supported and inspired by Zen Thai Shiatsu, Lomi Lomi and Reiki trainings.  I treat with a
caring, confident and competent touch.  Knowing buttery hands that melt away any residual
tension.  I attune my ornate listening to the emotional and physical body, supporting safe
surrender, rest and recalibration.

A little about me! I have an unquenchable thirst for the ocean! In, on, around or close by the
ocean is my happy place.

I love a road trip, sleeping in caves, camp fires and getting lost! Every day I paint a musical
journey of my favourite tunes. Singing badly and dancing freely add to my daily rituals!

Then there’s my two most favourite inspirations – my children, my greatest creations, my
teachers, my partners in crime!!!

Zen Thai Shiatsu Level One. Gwyn Williams
Zen Thai Shiatsu Level One -Advanced. Shane Turner
Hawaiian Herat-works Lomi Lomi. Anna Whiting
Hawaiian Heart-works Lomi Lomi. Ellen McCall
Shoden Usui Reike Ryoho Level 1 and 2. Galina Nistor

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Suite 28, 888 Pittwater Road, Dee Why NSW, Australia


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