An ode to Beyond Self

5th October, 2022

By Emma Martell, Lomi Lomi Massage Therapist 

Okay.. fingers to keys.. Confirming this is where it all begins for me… touch, hands, feeling. So here I am at home in my little original asbestos clad 1950’s beach cottage, in front of my very rarely opened laptop. I’m a paper and pen kind of girl, complete technophobe, I keep a monthly paper calendar that is full of colourful sketchings, poetry quotes and lunar phases! Upon Sarah(C) asking me to write a piece for the Beyond Self monthly newsletter I met her with a glowing “yes I would love to contribute”. For the last week or so I have been dancing around the mentioned contribution. Mentally playing with what I would like to express in this opportunity to connect with our loved and treasured Beyond community. 

I can’t look past the gratitude that I have for the incredible chosen family/team I am part of at Beyond Self. And maybe that’s where I’ll start… My love and appreciation for the team and practice. I guess that’s the connection you and I have and one I would like to share with you personally. Maybe as you read this newsletter you’re sitting in our welcoming, warm, safe waiting area. On tricky days I know as soon as I reach the doors to Beyond Self be it as a practitioner or patient, everything is a going to get a little or a whole lot better!

I smile when I think about reception, it is so much more. The calm to my stormy somedays, the first port of call for us all! The essence of organisation for the organisation, the control panel, the communication centre to Beyond. Nat’s incredible knowing eyes, touch typing in full flight and never a missed beat her fingers on all pulses. Never fear Sarah B is there! With a space for me to replant my succulents, tape and staples to reinforce the worn seams to my trusted calendar, she’s got it all. 

If I looked at the practice as a body, the reception could well be the beating heart pumping the blood. Sitting just behind reception, Sarah Cowie, the editor for this newsletter and practice manager. The Pericardium – heart protector and for me the mother. Sarah with so much grace and integrity to best support us all is right there, mostly behind the scenes. Be it a contract, the most incredible birthday cakes, a prayer, my Grandads Cardigan darned or a lift home post-surgery there is nothing Sarah doesn’t lovingly guide into place for the practice as a whole. 

We’ve had our time in reception, for me the first room on the right is where I can safely say I had the most pivotal moment of my life supported by Dave. A treasured one awash with tears, laughter and a pinky promise! On reflection, almost a year ago to the day. In my best dreams never imaginable. I feel beyond blessed to be just where I am being who I am with Dave’s unwavering faith. Over the years Dave has endlessly supported my physical and emotional health to the point that now it is my greatest honour to be practicing alongside him. 

My time with Shannon – always guided by her smile and inspired by her laughter. Really inspired by her laughter! If you haven’t had the absolute pleasure in experiencing Shannon’s laugh it’s like momentarily the whole world resides in her laughter. It’s great, so precious. Sometimes, and sometimes at the most unexpected times I am met with absolute hilarity in my emotional journeys. With a huge smile I’m thankful for those times. And I’m thankful for the light that I am met with, for we are brighter when we shine together.

It is a treasured part of who I am to take thanks. To take a seat and watch my life movie and see who and what touches my heart. How I can touch hearts and support life journeys through the joy, the greatness, the wonder, simply wouldn’t be possible without the trials and tribulations. For me we are all here together all acting in our own stories, and if I broaden my vision I see all our incredible stories interweaving. Never alone but all one living a life with infinite love. 

I’ve touched on a few Beyond Self family members and shared a little of my story. Hopefully in another issue I could talk about Maddy and the wonder woman that she is, Sister that I look upon. Jo and her skills at re arranging my bodily organs! Sheena and her expertise, plus those scales!….. 

With love always, Emma x

Lomi Lomi Massage
Beyond Self, Dee Why

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