Our Space

We are lucky to live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, where health and complementary medicine is widely embraced in day to day life. However, we found ourselves having to travel all over the place to access different modalities for different family members. We dreamed of one space in Dee Why where you could go to get that fix, to bring everything and everyone together, incorporating all aspects of this well lifestyle.

We’ve known Nathan and Sasha of Mr and Mrs White for years, and many times Dave and I would sit over a morning coffee, talking about how much we’d love to surround ourselves with their amazing furniture. So when the opportunity to create this space finally came about, we both knew instantly that we wanted their involvement. From our first “official” meeting with them, they just got it. We wanted the aesthetic to match the mission and they drew inspiration from Japanese interiors to create, in their own words, “minimalist calm, connoting a feeling of acceptance, allowing one to immediately feel a desire to slow as they arrive”.

And they nailed it.

Our intent was to make sure the place didn’t feel clinical or sterile. We are a team of brilliant practitioners – chiropractors, massage therapists, a functional therapist, a naturopath, a nutritionist, a health coach, a speech pathologist and a yoga teacher. We can help you immensely on your health journey, but we don’t need to do it in an environment that resembles a Sydney hospital or doctor’s office. Who feels like healing at the doctor’s? No one. We want you to feel comfortable and welcomed, almost as if you’re in someone’s home.

When you enter Beyond Self, help yourself to a cup of tea or some sparkling water. Read a magazine. See your practitioner and leave feeling refreshed and ready to step back out into life.