Healthy Obsessions

16th October, 2023

By Sarah Burrows, Front Desk Extraordinaire

We asked some of Team Beyond Self for their current healthy obsessions this month and here they are! 

Dave – My current healthy obsession is sauna’s, I’m trying to do twice a week for 20 minutes above 80 degrees. It has a stack of benefits such as increasing metabolism, immunity support and stress relief. 

Sheena – Swimming through the cold waters of Manly Marine Park spotting cuttle fish and turtles which stimulates your immune system and uplifts your soul. 

Sarah B – I’ve been using Gevity bone broth in most things I cook, it’s tasteless when added to cooking and it’s high in collagen and gelatine to support a healthy gut. Jo – I’m doing 50 minute meditations everyday. 

Christie – Ice Baths – I’ve been doing them twice a week and they make me feel energised and refreshed. 

Shannon – Mixing things up between pilates and ocean swimming to feel strong and refreshed. 

Jill – I was feeling so dehydrated and had to visit the dear toilet often after drinking plain water. The water wasn’t being absorbed into my cells. My body just felt dry and therefore I was quite lethargic. Drinking Restore with its blend of sea minerals, salts and chlorophyll has given me back hydration and energy, and what’s not to love about drinking green water? Give it a try, you’ll save on toilet paper….well the ladies will and who pays for the toilet paper and cleans the bathroom anyhow…huh?? 

Sarah C – Having recently moved to the Hunter Valley I am loving my country walks. Fresh air – no city pollution, the sound only of birds and the wind in the trees, close encounters with kangaroos and their joeys and friendly greetings from locals who all have time for a chat. It’s joyful and peaceful and uplifting. I have also upped my intake of (filtered) water quite a bit in various ways – (especially as the weather gets warmer), but also as I recover from a bad dose of the flu which left me feeling lethargic and struggling with headaches. It’s made a big difference on many levels. 

Olivia – Morning meditation and positive affirmations. 

Carla – Walking and getting outside in the sunshine, and making sure I keep on top of my own massages for my own body maintenance. I also do 10 minutes of stretching after I get out of bed in the morning. 

Emma – I am in the middle of my 21 day self-healing Reiki practice period which is about morning and evening meditation rituals of gratitude and intention. 

Nat – I am doing the daily school drop off a bit differently these days, Baby Hugo (a hefty 8kg not-so-new newborn) goes in the baby carrier, Ted our dog on his leash and we walk to school with Jules. On the way back. Hugo is generally asleep so I catch up on a podcast for 10 minutes then I watch the ocean for 5 minutes before resuming the day. 

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