Moro Reflex

This is also called the startle reflex, which can be elicited through loud noise, bright light, sudden touch, or failing to support the baby’s head and neck. The arms will thrust away from the body, and then curl back in. The moro reflex is present at birth and should integrate by 2-4 months.

When retained, symptoms may include:

  • Hypersensitivity to sudden noise, light or movement
  • Hyper startle response to sound or sudden movements, followed by a rapid heart beat or panic attack
  • Dislike of change, difficulty with new or stimulating experiences
  • Mood swings, unexpected sudden changed in behaviour, aggressive outbursts
  • Imbalance, dizziness, motion sickness, vertigo
  • Chronic anxiety, excessive flushing with nervous or embarrassed
  • Frequent ear and throat infections
  • Depleted energy, fatigue, mood swings
  • Chronic digestive problems, food sensitivities, craving sweets
  • Difficulty focusing on details, sensitive to certain sounds or trouble shutting out background noise, easily distracted
  • Poor impulse control, aggressive, anxious or highly excitable
  • Emotional immaturity 
  • Withdrawn or timid