Spinal Galant Reflex

The spinal galant reflex can be seen when one side of the back is stroked in a downward motion, resulting in side bending of the spine, hypersensitivity and/or ticklishness. This reflex is present at birth and should integrate at 3-9 months.

When retained, symptoms may include:

  • Can’t sit still, fidgety, restlessness, hyperactivity
  • Difficulty with short term memory and poor listening
  • Bedwetting over the age of 5, chronic bowel or bladder control issues
  • Very ticklish on the back, sensitive to tags and tight clothing around the waist
  • Constant noise making
  • Attention and concentration problems
  • Difficulty with gait coordination, falling over
  • Poor fluency or mobility during sport and physical activity
  • Tilting to one side, with/without back and neck pain