Yes Day!

15th August, 2021

This month hubby and I gave our kids a Yes Day. For any of the parents out there who have seen the Yes Day movie, you’ll understand the Yes Day concept. For those that aren’t aware of this hilarious movie on Netflix, the parents have to agree to everything their kids ask for 1 day. My kids (ages 9 and 6) have been bugging us for ages to have a yes day and as you can probably understand we’ve been fairly reluctant, but we figured since nothing is open there’s not a lot we, can really say yes to so now would be a good time to agree on Yes Day.

Both kids started off by reeling off all the toys they would like from the shops, but since the shops aren’t open we couldn’t agree to those kinds of requests (winning already).

Our morning started at North Curl Curl Beach with 1 friend for the 9-year-old. Followed by Hungry Jacks for lunch which lead to Slushies and Coca Cola (generally a banned beverage in our household). After lunch, we drove to Flying Fox Park in Mona Vale which was my 6-year-old’s choice. In the evening we had a fire pit at home with toasted marshmallows, music and lots of jumping on the trampoline.

We all had a really lovely day, hubby and I were grateful we didn’t have to go out with any crazy hairstyles and I think it was good for the kids to feel empowered and that they have a bit of control in this crazy world we live in at the moment.

I highly recommend giving your kids a Yes Day and if you do, please let us know how it goes.

By Sarah Burrows

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