A Q&A with Christie

1st March, 2023

Why did you decide to become a Chiropractor? 

I started receiving chiropractic treatment when I was about 15 and it has helped me immensely through my own health struggles, more so than any other modality, so I know it works! I have also been intrigued by the human body for as long as I can remember, and my interests have jumped around from nutritional to physical to psychological, and chiropractic really ties all of these together. I’ve seen the positive influence chiropractic can have on peoples lives, and I look forward to being part of that. 

How long have you been studying for and when are you due to finish?

6 years! I completed a 3 year Bachelor of Health Science and am currently completing a 3 year Masters of Chiropractic, which I am due to finish in the next few months. 

What have been your favourite and least favourite parts of the course? 

Favourite: constantly being challenged, constantly learning, seeing all the hard work come together, and treating patients in the student clinic. 

Least favourite: having to wait to learn all the extra’s! There is a lot to learn at uni, but so much more to explore outside of it. 

Are you also studying NET, Kinesiology and Primitive Reflexes? 

Yes, I am qualified in NET, the primitive reflex studies are underway, and kinesiology is in the cards for the near future. These were all a big part of what drew me to chiropractic, and will be a big part of how I practice. 

What advice would you give to anybody wanting to study to be a Chiropractor? 

Do it! It’s hard work, but there is so much to learn, so much room to grow, and so much potential to help people. It’s incredibly rewarding. 

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