Breathe Well

29th June, 2022

By Sheena O’Beirne, Naturopath & Nutritionist

Did you know nasal breathing is more protective against viruses and bacteria than mouth breathing? Breathing through the nose not only has the function of trapping micro-organisms due to its cilia, stopping them reaching the lungs, it also helps you produce nitric oxide (NO), which when produced by the nose and nasopharynx, works directly on bacteria and viruses. Your levels of NO are reduced by half if you mouth breathe. So you would do well to keep that mouth closed when not in use!
Also if you are a mouth breather, consider taping your mouth when you sleep. This will make you nose breathe. It also creates a more relaxing sleep, not to mention it stops the need to drink so much water through the night, which many mouth breathers find necessary. While it might not look too glamorous, it will help you produce NO and anything we can do during our cold and ‘flu season to reduce being affected by viruses, has to be worth implementing.

Sheena O’Beirne
Naturopath & Nutritionist, Dee Why

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