from jo callender, our functional body work therapist

22nd June, 2022

It’s interesting how we feel the need (or at least I used to) to have a title that helps define ourselves within our work environment. I suppose it’s important for people to know what kind of practitioner they are seeing for support throughout their healing journey, but what if your title fails to fully encompass and translate what you offer?
When the Beyond Self team was being established, I was asked, “what do you want on your business card”? Hmmm… well, I guess I could have ‘Massage Therapist’? But that didn’t sit quite right with me. Sure, I am a massage therapist, but my journey as a practitioner has been somewhat unconventional in the sense that, rather than choosing one specific career path, I continued to evolve. I started with one modality, and just kept adding!
I am grateful to have had this journey, as it has allowed me to explore and be guided by my passion for learning and my clients needs. Continued education, experience, and intuition has given me the benefit of being able to meet the individual needs of each person when it comes to working with the soft tissues of the body.
I have also been fortunate to work with some amazing practitioners, who have mentored me and supported me in my role and journey as a health care practitioner.
So, the title I ended up with was ‘functional body work therapist’, and I’m still not sure that suits either! My skill set includes remedial massage, myofascial therapy, dry needling, visceral manipulation, crania sacral therapy and kinesiology. I love the detective work involved in figuring out structural dysfunctions, how they evolved, and how they can be ‘undone’ when the pain and discomfort of compensation becomes too much for someone! So, whatever my title is, my goal is ultimately to help, support, and shift or change limiting aspects of the body, working structurally, energetically and emotionally.

Jo Callendar
Functional Body Work Therapist
Beyond Self, Dee Why

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