How I am Managing My Stress

25th September, 2021

Steve Mursa, one of our wonderful Chiropractors shares with us how he manages his stress!

Personally, I’ve found everything that is going on has taken its toll on me, both mentally and physically. I have had to dig deep into my tool kit, and do a few things a bit differently to manage myself through this. Here are some of the things that I have found most useful;

1. Unity, acceptance, understanding, and love. This sounds really cheesy I know, but right now we don’t need more division, and hate. I find I have to think about this constantly throughout my day. Until you have walked a mile in someone else’s shoes you cannot understand their decisions. The way we move forward through this is together not apart.

2. Keep your treatments up. Being a busy practitioner it’s easy to put my own appointments last. It is so important to book ahead, book out time for yourself. A few weeks ago I was feeling very flat emotionally, a bit angry and anxious and my body was starting to fall apart. Sore knee, lower back, and shoulder. Not good. I realised how long it had been since my last tune-up. So over a period of a few weeks I booked in 3 Chiro appointments with NET, a massage and had some bloods done.

After the work I felt brand new again and reminded myself of how good this work can make you feel, you just need to stay on it. NET ( Neuro Emotional Technique) or kinesiology as many of my patients call it, never ceases to amaze me in how well it can cut through stress like a hot knife through butter.

3. Music. Music is a great mover of energy in the body. When stressed everyone is constantly being told to meditate and try to relax, slow down, put on your favourite chill-out album, and have a cup of tea in the sun. That’s all well and good, but I think so much of our stress now is through lack of variety, repetition, feeling stuck, bored, anger or fear. So I’m using music to break this up, release some of my energy and pent-up emotion. I’m loving playing some really heavy metal at the moment, some late 90’s Tool, or Rage, or Metallica. Also loving a good dance to move the body, it’s amazing how good this can make you feel. Personally, a bit of early 90’s Techno is my favourite. After listening to a bit of this it’s amazing how much easier it is to do the whole slow down relax and chill thing.

4. A new sport. As you all probably know I love mountain biking. But even lately that has felt a bit flat for me, so I have been trying something new. I’ve been trying doing some weights, and some stretch and strengthen classes. Normally not my thing but I’m loving the change at the mo’. Variety is the key.

5. Meditate. Meditate. Meditate. It doesn’t matter what type you do. I personally love using binaural beats when meditating. I have tried and practiced many different types but I find this works best for me. Experiment a bit yourself.

6. Cold water swims and a cold end to my daily shower. Such a good revitaliser.

There are lots of other great things to do to help with your health at the moment, these are just a few I’m loving right now.

Steve Mursa
Integrative Chiropractor
Beyond Self, Dee Why

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