Immune Health for Winter

4th July, 2022

By Sheena O’Beirne, Naturopath & Nutritionist

Are you concerned you’ll catch a cold or flu this winter?

Let us help.

Did you know at Beyond Self we have a large range of herbal medicine for just about any condition that we treat? As a herbalist I’m passionate about liquid herbs, because they go straight into the blood to work faster than many supplements, so you can very quickly start to feel better.

I have made up a general immune mix which may help boost your immune system, treat viral and bacterial infections, clear your lymph and can help those pesky coughs. These mixes are available at reception. Alternatively, you can have a tailor made mix to target your exact symptoms by making a quick 15 minute appointment with me to access your individual needs.

Also think about adding food into your diet which will work towards building immunity, rather than taking away from it (as many of our yummy treats sadly do). Foods such as shitake mushrooms, garlic, onions, turmeric, oysters, capsicum, brazil nuts, carrot juice, essential fatty acids, spirulina – all of which give us nutrients that aid immunity in one form or another, like stimulating natural killer cells, or increasing white blood cells.

If you are not about to get too close to people, for a great antibiotic drink, try this: Chop onions, garlic and cover with honey, leave overnight, then sip liquid through the day.
Also for the brave, add 3 cloves to hummus, baba ganoush, or tzatziki.

Supplements that can help, include Vitamin C in large doses – talk to us about the right dose for you, the same applies to Zinc, Vitamin A, iron, antioxidants and vitamin D.
So come in and see what we can do to help make you and your family healthier this winter.

Sheena O’Beirne
Naturopath & Nutritionist
Beyond Self, Dee Why

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