NET and Mind-Body Medicine

30th March, 2022

One of the techniques that fascinates me and continues to evolve is Neuro Emotional Technique otherwise known as NET.

NET is one of those techniques I wish I had discovered earlier in my career because the moment I experienced the benefits of it first hand I wanted to specialise in this area of mind-body medicine.

As many people know the mind has a powerful ability to control the body, which is all well and good when we are operating from rational thinking with our frontal lobes, however as humans we are often messy and full of fears and anxieties, particularly under stress and overwhelm.

In this state, we are commonly driven by our subconscious mind. This can filter our perception of the world through a lens of fear and past hurts.

The main principles of mind-body medicine:

  • The mind and body are not separate, we cannot heal one without addressing the other.
  • The brain and body systems that process emotions are intimately connected with the hormonal system, the nervous system and the immune system.
  • Emotional stress undermines immunity and can disrupt the body’s physiology and can then prepare the ground for disease and dis-ease.

Emotions are a normal part of being human, but often as humans we don’t like to deal with the more uncomfortable emotions like anger, fear or something that affects our self esteem so we tend to store them in our body. These unprocessed emotions create a stress response and an activation of our sympathetic nervous system putting us into the ‘fight-flight’ mode or constant stress mode.

The main aim during a client’s NET session is to connect the mind with where the stress is felt in the body. By connecting the mind-body it helps to remove the emotional charge of a stressful event and neutralise the stress response. This helps the body process emotions that you might have otherwise kept buried, sometimes since you were young.

NET is also helpful to allow you to access greater meaning, purpose and connection that you may feel you have lost in the business of life.

It’s likely that most of us have unprocessed emotions stored in our bodies.

Article by Shannon Egan, Integrative Chiropractor, NET Practitioner & Kinesiologist
Beyond Self, Dee Why

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