our top 10 supplements for kids

5th July, 2023

Our Top 10 Supplements for Kids

by Nat Nicholls, front desk squirrel 

As parents we get to the chilly side of the year and all of a sudden our children seem to be at home a bit more often, either sheltering from the windy days or at ‘home under the weather.’ Here are our tried and tested, kid friendly supplements that will have your kids bouncing around in no time.

Activated Probiotics Biome Daily Kids Probiotic 

A fab high strength, all-rounder probiotic that is great for the immune system, helps to rebalance the gut after antibiotics, and reduces the occurrence and duration of colds. Once daily for over 2’s and stable at room temperature, it’s the perfect probiotic to use daily or as a boost when they are sick. 

Triguard Plus Immune Support 

A blend of olive leaf extract, European elderberry and structured silver water, this supplement works on supporting the immune system. According to one of our Beyond Self kid testers, this is the only supplement they are willing to take. You really can’t go wrong a few droppers twice per day when illness takes hold or when you have that niggling feeling that its on the way! 

Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA 

This one is perfect for when they are in that mid-term brain fog and not functioning on all cylinders. Perfect for brain development and also for improving immune system function. Strawberry flavoured and only requiring 1/2 teaspoon daily. 

Brauer Baby & Child Cold & Flu 

A brilliant homeopathic liquid with vitamin C, vitamin D3, Zinc, Elderflower, peppermint, echinancea and other homeopathics, essentially all the things to combat the common cold and reduce the severity. Like all Brauer products, this one is easy to use and a great all rounder.

Metagenics Gut Care for Kids 

Perfect for tummy troubles and when everything is a bit sluggish tum wise, this supplement is for gut, digestion and liver detox support. Another once a day type supplement so easy to incorporate into the routine.

Bioceuticals Armaforce for Juniors 

Another firm favourite immune booster with the adults in the clinic, this one is formulated for the littlest members of your house! Watermelon and berry flavoured, this one is great to have in the cupboard for any hint of illness. Look out for our Armaforce gummies recipe on this website. 

Metagenics E.N.T. Immune Care for Kids 

A variation on the immune support supplement, this one is formulated for the upper respiratory system. It also has reishi which relieves excess mucous in the nose and throat. This one you can use once daily but you can double the dose when a cold has well and truly taken over.

I’m Nutrients Iron Immunity 

This is a new one for us but Maddy is in love with this one for the dudes!! Formulated to prevent dietary deficiency of Vitamin D, C and Iron, this supplement is perfect to support blood health, maintain energy levels, support the immune system and general heath and wellbeing. 1-2 chewable tablets daily for children, its a good multi-vitamin that covers a few different bases. 

I’m Nutrients Calm Mind 

Another new supplement we found and loved, Calm Mind supports the nervous system. Containing zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6 and saffron, it supports cognitive and nervous system function, nervous system health, maintains healthy neuromuscular function and ultimately calms the mind and soothes the nerves. Perfect for when your little ones are a bit frazzled and need the ultimate zen supplement. A chewable watermelon flavoured tablet that you take 1-2 daily.

NET Remedies ER 911 

Probably our most commonly used homeopathic NET remedy for children This one is used for support during emotional, mental or physical stress or high pressure situations. Perfect for anxiety, nervous tension, tearfulness, oversensitivity, stressful school/home situations or fears. Can be used 2-3 times per day or as directed by your practitioner.

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