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22nd August, 2022

by Sheena O’Beirne, Naturopath & Nutritionist

Are you happy with your weight? Or do you wake with every intention to eat well and then your resolve fades as the day goes on?

Don’t be hard on yourself, we all need someone to be accountable to. Sports people have coaches, CEO’s have mentors, we all need someone to keep us motivated.

That’s where I come in. I have helped clients lose more than 10,000 kilos since writing my book The Weekday Diet.

Are you confused about which diet to follow? There is the low carb, low fat, low sugar, ketone, paleo, time restricted fasting, 5/2, carnivore, fruit fast, vegetable fast, celery juice, The Weekday Diet, and meal replacement drinks to name but a few.

The problem I see in clinic is people are so confused that they take a little of this one, then a little of that one which sadly does not work – largely because we have to be single minded when it comes to weight loss and stick to one regimen. They all work, the trick is in finding a plan that suits you and is sustainable.

It’s quite straightforward. If you diet and go back to normal eating, you’ll go back to your normal body, so you have to find a way to eat that you like in order to keep the weight off. Then you are never on a diet, you simply eat according to how you want to eat and not how others want you to eat.

And that’s a big issue. One comment that I hear often that destabilises my patients’ success is other people and events– well-meaning friends, relatives, functions, conferences, holidays. predominantly one’s social life gets in the way!

Which is why if you change your tastebuds and find new food that tastes delicious, you will be able to stick to it long term.  Plus if you manage to change your set point for weight, (where you brain says ‘sorry this is your weight, tough, I’m taking you right back to your start point’), you can still have food that doesn’t really suit you some of the time and your body will be able to deal with it without putting the weight back on.

The strategy behind The Weekday Diet, which I use when we get you to your goal weight, is to have your treats on the weekend, every weekend, and still keep the weight down and even lose it.

Now how’s that for an offer?

And I do mean we get you to your weight.

So what do you have to lose? – except those kilos you don’t want. Make an appointment today and let’s get started so you can spring into Spring with renewed vigour.

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Sheena O’Beirne
Naturopath & Nutritionist
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