We are finally here!

1st July, 2021

You have all been with us for the last year, waiting patiently as we had delay after delay. For the two of us, this has been the longest time coming. We’ve dreamed for years about a space where we could go everyday and feel calmed just by being there. A space that promotes healing for our community and that is filled with awe-inspiring practitioners, people who contribute to making our tribe healthier and happier. It’s been a long road, but we made it!

There were so many people involved in allowing this to finally come to life, and our hearts are filled with gratitude. From our incredible front desk team (Sarah, Nat, Sarah and Christie) who have been superstars in achieving a seamless transition, to our parents, who spent many extra hours looking after our two crazy boys while we had building and business meetings. We are grateful for our amazing practitioners who have been accommodating even through the uncertainty of which location they would be working in. A big thank you to Mr and Mrs White and Ironbark Carpentry and Constructions, for designing and building our wonderful new home.

And to you, our Tribe. We felt the love guys, every single day. Knowing that many of you were as invested as we were was a huge source of energy for us. We feel so privileged to come to work every day and be surrounded by you all. So thank you!

Now that we are here, we invite you in. To enjoy our space, to enjoy our practitioners. And to see what else we have in store for you.

Beyond Self has become a reality and we can’t wait to see you here.

Lots of Love,
Dave and Maddy

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