Back to school & Retained primitive reflexes’s

28th February, 2024

By Christie Callender, Integrative Chiropractor 

Are Retained Primitive Reflexes affecting your little ones learning? 

Primitive reflexes are automatic, unconscious movements that are present at birth to ensure a baby’s survival, which in the early stages, facilitate your baby’s ability to breast feed, roll over, sit up and crawl. These reflexes should integrate, or ‘disappear’ by about one year of age, which is foundational to their brain development. 

Children who have retained primitive reflexes (reflexes that never went away) expend a lot of brain energy trying to inhibit them and compensate for their effects, which can hinder their ability to learn. This may show up as a kid who struggles to concentrate, retain information, read or write well, or display heightened emotional reactivity. The effects of retained primitive reflexes can also translate outside of the classroom, effecting sporting ability and social interactions. 

Having these reflexes assessed and integrated (if they are present) with one of our Chiro’s will support healthy nervous system development and help your little ones brain function optimally. 

For a more comprehensive list of potential symptoms associated with each reflex, visit our website at 

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