Kids Corner

our top 10 supplements for kids

Our Top 10 Supplements for Kids by Nat Nicholls, front desk squirrel  As parents we get to the chilly side of the year and all of a sudden our children seem to be at home a bit more often, either...

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Nutrition & Anxiety in Kids by Jen Galland, Family Nutritionist

How can nutrition have an impact on anxiety and mood?  I am a nutritionist with Beyond Self that works with kids and teens to address this health issue every day.  For many people, what we eat, and the way we...

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School holiday ideas

With school holidays upon us, if you aren’t going away then it can often be hard to come up with ideas of what to do to keep the children amused, so we thought we’d put a few ideas together for...

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Parents Corner!

Just for this month I’m going to rename this Parents Corner! We usually like to keep our newsletters fairly upbeat and positive, but today I wanted to have an honest discussion about some of the challenges around the pandemic and...

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Yes Day!

This month hubby and I gave our kids a Yes Day. For any of the parents out there who have seen the Yes Day movie, you’ll understand the Yes Day concept. For those that aren’t aware of this hilarious movie...

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Outdoor Adventures

As we head into another round of homeschooling, it’s important to maintain a healthy and balanced approach to life. Our family has found that getting out in nature helps us feel grounded as we do the ‘new’ juggle! Here is...

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