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What is a naturopath?

Did you know a naturopath studies for 3-4 years and has a science degree? Most are nutritionists too – well those at Beyond Self are. We are passionate about good food and its ability to bring back your sparkle and shine.

Naturopaths offer you hope, putting you back in control of your health. We are a healthy lot, and practice what we preach – well sometimes you’ll see us in the supermarket covering up the treats in the basket when we break our rules because we’re human too.

If you’re looking for an improvement in your health with products such as food, herbal medicine, vitamins and minerals, this is for you. We use them because they are effective and have very few side effects.

What does a naturopath like to work on?

We love the gut – the cause of many health issues and stress, insomnia, menopause, hormones, autoimmune, skin conditions, thyroid… you get the gist. At Beyond Self we’re particularly well versed at weight loss, an area in which many naturopaths don’t excel.

What to expect

The start point is everyone is individual, 10 people may present with the same condition yet the solution will be different.

For example, if you suffer from migraines, the solution is rarely a pill for them. Rather than discussing the nuances of your specific condition, we determine if the cause comes from your food, stress, hormones, your liver, the weather, strobe lighting – all the myriad of triggers that set off migraines. When these issues are addressed, the migraines come under control, often without ever needing a migraine pill.

What does a consult look like?

The first consultation covers your current and past health symptoms and goals. Many say how decadent it is to talk about themselves without interruption. We offer you an hour and a half, so we can really get to know you.

You will leave with advice on a way to eat to reduce your symptoms – and don’t worry, it will be tailored to you. Plus you’ll be amazed at how yummy food can be while being clean and healthy – we show you the tricks.

100% compliance is not expected – we’re humans not robots and you need some wiggle room.

Some people want to go cold turkey and change everything at once, while others prefer a drip-feed method (no pun intended), changing one thing at a time. It’s all about you and what suits your lifestyle.

We make it easy, with lists of food to eat and those to avoid for best results, a 7-day food plan and even yummy recipes.

Herbs or supplements may be offered on a first consult to speed up your improvement.

You can expect a number of follow up, shorter consults, in 2 to 3-week intervals depending on your symptoms, until you are feeling yourself again and experiencing radiant health.

Your naturopath has the knowledge to help you achieve your health goals but know that you are always in control, you set the pace, you choose the food that you want to eat within the parameters, we listen and work with you.

And we make it fun, after all we will be best friends for a while, so we may as well enjoy the ride.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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