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Dealing with trauma – Somato emotional release.

All of us have experienced some kind of trauma in our lives; surgery,
the death of a loved one, divorce, assault, illness, accidents,
childbirth and more….
One of the tools we have within the Craniosacral paradigm is a
process known as Somato-Emotional Release (SER). Let’s
break this term down; Soma is the physical body; the other part
of the term is the Emotional; our emotional body. As such the
SER therapeutic process seeks to address and unify both our
emotional and physical bodies instead of treating them as two
separate entities.

At a physical level the body retains the imprint of the force
(trauma) as it enters the body. What is known as an ‘energy
cyst’ (EC) contains and walls off this “injury”, which is useful at
the time of trauma to function in our “normal” life. However,
over time, the fascia at the site of the energy cyst can tighten
and restrict the surrounding soft tissues, & if it is near an organ,
can alter the function of that organ over time. It becomes an
area of the body we must ‘move around’ and therefore lose the
freedom of flow through that area.

The E.C. contains a snapshot of everything that was going on
in a person’s life at the time of the trauma; a process also
known as tissue memory. Also contained is the emotional
response to the trauma or stressful event, and we can become
‘stuck’ in fear, anger, or have trust issues. As we continue to
hold this unhealed area in the body, the nervous system
continues to respond as though the trauma is happening at that
moment. It becomes challenging for the system to continue to
function well, when a lot of its resources are re-routed to
‘containing’ these undealt with insults to the body and psyche.

As Craniosacral practitioners we seek to connect with your
‘inner wisdom’, the innate part of every single one of us that
wants to heal and re-establish a healthy balance on a physical
and psychological level.

It’s your inner wisdom that will guide the Somato-Emotional
Release process, usually involving imagery and dialogue and
gentle hands-on body work to integrate on a physiological level
the impact of trauma. The effect is a change to tissue, the
nervous system, and the psyche. As self-awareness begins to
arise in these disconnected parts of your body, the
flight/fight/freeze response is reduced, healing begins to take
place. Our role as practitioners is to support and facilitate this
process by connecting with you and your inner wisdom and
allowing this process to unfold gently and accordingly with your
own pace and capacity to integrate.


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