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Chiropractic at Beyond Self is centred around addressing the 3 pillars of health – structural, biochemical and emotional. Our chiropractors look at the state of your nervous system (which is responsible for controlling every action in the body), and aim to remove interferences to its optimal functioning.

Structural chiropractic relates to how your body is functioning in a biomechanical manner. Your cranium (skull) and spine house your nervous system, and at any point in these structures, interference can occur (for example from physical trauma or degeneration). This can diminish our body’s intrinsic capacity for healing, so most often this is where we start our structural assessment. Our chiropractors are proficient in a number of gentle techniques (Applied Kinesiology, Sacro-occipital Technique, Sympathetic Dominance protocol), that aim to bring your nervous system back into balance. Chiropractic can also be useful in a preventative way to help us keep up with the demands of our daily life, and prevent further injury or degradation.

The biochemical aspect we look at deals with the internal equilibrium our body maintains in order to thrive. Inadequate nutrition, vitamin deficiencies, sensitivities or intolerances all contribute to a person’s system being unable to function optimally. Our chiropractors often work in conjunction with the Beyond Self naturopaths and nutritionists to comprehensively address your needs.

Emotional well-being is a big one, and maybe a surprising thing to be talking about with your chiropractor. There is a crucial relationship between our mind and body – if one is dysfunctioning or under strain, it is extremely difficult to get the other to heal. Neuroemotional Technique , is a powerful technique to achieve mind and body stability. Our transpersonal and functional medicine coaches are another important resource for this aspect of healing.

The chiropractors at Beyond Self are highly skilled, and deliver care based on the latest scientific research. By looking at your health challenges from a different perspective, we work together with you to ensure you achieve your health aspirations.

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