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Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds, protects and creates a slide and glide mechanism between the organs and muscles. Fascia also plays a major role in the mobility and stability of joints.

Physical trauma, emotional trauma, poor posture and limited range of motion can all change the function of the fascia. As it loses its cushioning and integrity, the slide and glide function becomes impaired and the internal structures are pulled out of alignment This creates abnormal pressure, crushing nerves, blood and lymph vessels leading to pain and tension in the organs and muscles.

Myofascial release is different to traditional massage therapy as it is slower with less of the ‘slide’ technique used in massage. The fascia is manipulated so it isn’t‘ stuck’ anymore but mobilised to the ‘slide and glide’ function which increases the fascia’s fluidity improving the function of the structure, the organs and muscles it surrounds.


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