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Stretch therapy is brilliant for those who wish to take a proactive and corrective approach to manage physical issues which arise due to the repetitive and sedentary nature of modern life. It is also a wonderful preventative therapy. The aim of Stretch Therapy is to release built-up tension, manage pain and increase the range of movement in the body.

A sense of feeling more open, taller, or having more ‘space’ in the body is often the way people describe how they feel after stretch therapy.

We aim to teach you a technique that is unique to the stretch therapy system. The ‘Contract – Relax’ technique supports a targeted approach and produces a specific outcome. We aim to take your body from its shortened, inflexible, and painful state to one of ease of movement, and

flexibility and experiencing less pain. This comprehensive system starts with simple movements and partial poses, progressing to dynamic positions, as your body releases accumulated tension, regains its range of motion; begins to experience the overall improvement of the biomechanical function of your body.

Stretch therapy also:

  • Reduces tension and pain
  • Increases range of movement
  • Improves posture
  • Improves proprioception, balance and stability
  • Helps to prevent sports-related injury
  • Supports rehabilitation
  • Promotes deep sleep

Assisted One on One Stretch Therapy

Assisted and supported stretching is a safe modality that is tailored to meet your specific needs. After assessing the range of motion in your joints, a program will be designed for you utilising the stretch therapy system.

Conscious and guided breathwork during the stretching process is encouraged helping to take the nervous system into a calm and relaxed state which in turn facilitates the ease of any stretch

Group Stretch Therapy

Also available! Please check-in at the front desk for the current schedule.

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